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If you are not currently having any computer problems, do the following steps immediately while you still have the chance.

Getting Computer Technical Support

Once you have purchased a computer or software, you are entitled to technical support to resolve any usability problems. Before you call for help you can save time by looking up your software version information.  Using the software installed on your computer you can reference the version information by selecting the menu word "Help", "About". You can find computer company technical support phone numbers by using your software Help Menu searching for words such as: technical support, contact us, troubleshooting. If you have software with a product I.D. number containing the letters: OEM that usually means you got the software loaded on your computer by a Computer Manufacturer such as: Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft. The computer seller is responsible for providing technical support for software they pre-installed on your computer system.  If you buy software directly from a retail store or via mail, then the software company is responsible for providing technical support.

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